Home is more than a physical structure; it is also the energy we create within and around us.
Come, let’s make ourselves at Om…

the happy om maker method

Your home has a higher purpose: To support you – and all that you long to become.

Open your home’s full potential and you will open to your own.

The Happy Om Maker Method shows you how.



Welcome Happy Om Makers!

I’ve created this site because I believe that your home’s highest purpose is to comfort and support you on every level.

Come explore with me as we dive into the profound connection between mind and matter in your two most important interiors – your home and yourself.




In Judy’s one-on-one sessions, held either via Skype or in-person, you will learn how to engage your home’s higher purpose so it can support you in living yours.

Team Seminar Listening Corporate Conference Concept


Book Judy to come give an inspiring talk to your group about the profound connection between mind and matter in your two most important interiors.

Women Friends Talking Using Tablet Concept


Join one of our workshops to learn concrete and tangible strategies for building joy into your life by engaging with the meaning and purpose of your home.


Wendy Z

“From the very first time I met Judy she instilled trust in me, and that is not typical for me. The way she is is as healing as the work she does – and the work is powerful.  I am deeply grateful to her for the profound  healing in my relationships that I have experienced as a result.”

Susan A.

“Judy has a gift for seeing people as they are. It seems she knows  just what to say and do that will offer the most help, right on target. Her advice and exercises helped me with the underlying issues of my life and things have cleared up in many areas.  Judy has helped me on such a deep level.”

Diane H.

“The two sessions we had this fall gave me a whole new lease on life. While traditional therapy has been useful in terms of understanding past interpersonal dynamics, it did not help me make positive change to my present day attitudes and beliefs. With Judy’s very professional and intuitive guidance my past is now experienced with love and compassion where darkness had previously been observed.”



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self and surroundings

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